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Gabrielle Edwards


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16 X 20in

Multimedia on canvas

Reborn was my endeavor to experiment with the idea of reinventing oneself through the phoenix's fires. Her face is divided into many colors to represent the various facets of who she is that she has started to explore. She is resolute in who she is and where she is intended to be, gazing past you straight into her promising future. Her recent understanding that she is a creator with the capacity to change herself is symbolized by the ethereal scene with the outline of planets and stars. 

An underpainting in acrylic paints, inks, paint markers, and oil pastels was used to create this piece. In other areas, molding paste was employed to produce the texture. These resources are used in the initial stages so that I can let my imagination run wild and then I refine certain areas with oil paint for the final coating to give it a more elegant appearance.